A couple of weeks ago I headed to the Adelphi theatre to see The Bodyguard the musical. Now, as horrifying as some of you may find this, I have never seen the film. I know, I know. I’ve also never seen Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing or Ghost in their entirety – what can I say, I’m more of a Judd Apatow kind of girl. I’m happy to report though, that it didn’t matter one bit. I am a bit of a musical lover having been brought up on Rogers & Hammerstein films and being taken on annual theatre trips to London with my Mum & Nana as far back as I can remember. We’d make sure we went to the theatre every year without fail and see something new, so although a lot of people find musical theatre quite cheesy I bloody love it! It’s the kind of thing you just have to let go and have fun to enjoy and it soon seems normal that people are bursting into song every two minutes.

So what’s this got to do with makeup? Well New CID (creators of one of my most-loved foundations) are the official makeup sponsors of the show and they made up all the actors and actresses for the promo shots. They have released a set of products inspired by the musical containing three long-wear cream eyeshadows (L-R Melody, Diva & Spotlight) and two lipglosses (L-R Romance & Obsession). I was already a fan of the i-Colour shadows (Twilight was my previous favourite although Melody is giving it a run for it’s money!) and the glosses are lovely and come with their trademark mirror on the side and light up when you use them. This whole kit retails at a bargain £35 (worth £76.50) which is great, and the cream shadows are my personal favourites.

You can check out New CID here or in Debenhams, I’d also recommend The Bodyguard Musical if you fancy a good girls night out complete with shimmying in the aisles at the end.

This month’s Gold Sponsor is Mallory from Mallory Loves Makeup. She’s got an amazing YouTube channel here including a room tour with a swinging bed. Yep! Go check her out.

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  • Maddy Cane

    That pink lipgloss is lovely! xxx

  • Laura

    The lighter cream eyeshadow looks lovely!x

  • Emma

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched the full film either, just caught bits and pieces of it. I really love the pink lipgloss. If you ever want recommendations of what to see in London why not check out my blog http://www.whatemmadidnext.wordpress where I review theatre and film! If you like it please follow.


  • Hearts&Crosses

    These look gorgeous colours!


  • Laura

    The bright pink gloss is gorgeous!

    I’ve just posted my February Wishlist on Black & Gold

    Laura xx

  • Megan

    Love the charcoal eyeshadow and the hot pink lipgloss!

  • Laura

    Those eyeshadows look so lovely, and what a bargain from RRP £76.50!!

    ps/ you HAVE to see dirty dancing!

  • Emma

    I love the look of those cream eyeshadows. Shame I’m not a huge fan of lip gloss, I’ll have to see if they sell the eyeshadows on their own!

  • Faye

    I love cream eyeshadow because it last long time.

  • Katie

    Don’t worry, I don’t believe I’ve watched the whole of Grease and I’ve only in the last two years watched Dirty Dancing! Ha

    Katie xo

  • Rachel

    You’ve never seen The Bodyguard, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing or Ghost?! I’ve had the lines practically memorized from a young age! Lol I’m in shock, I had to leave this comment as soon as I read that line, when I calm down I’m going to scroll up and continue reading lol x

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  • Private Detective

    We’d make sure we went to the theatre every year without fail and see something new, so although a lot of people find musical theatre quite cheesy I bloody love it! This whole kit retails at a bargain £35 (worth £76.50) which is great,