coral1 coral2 For me, coral is a year-round colour thanks to my Mum being pretty much obsessed with it (she calls it her colour) but when the spring and summer months come a’knockin’ it’s definitely a firm fixture in my life. I thought I’d post about a few coral nail beauties that sit pretty in my nail drawer waiting to be displayed to the world, and I may very well do this for other hues so keep your eyes peeled. Now, I find coral one of those colours that can vary hugely. Some are lighter, some are more pink toned and others more orange or even red until you put them next to an ACTUAL red when they look, well, coral. There’s a bronzy and peachy hue thrown in there for good measure too, so here goes, from left to right:

  • Max Factor Glossfinity in 85 Cerise (creme finish) – On the orangey red size of the spectrum, this is such a pretty colour especially for pedicures with a nice formula. I’m not too sure about the 7 day thang because I don’t know about you, but there ain’t nothing sticking around on my nails for 7 days that isn’t a gel manicure, but it’s pretty, applies nicely and dries like a dream.
  • Nubar Costa Rica Coral (creme finish) – I wore this in a few videos and so many of you asked what it was. It’s a vibrant berry-coral hybrid that dries insanely quickly but needs two coats and a nice topcoat to look it’s best. Perfect for summer. I’ve already got my eye on Cozumel Coral and Amazon Coral too!
  • TOMA (this doesn’t have a name or number on it! Creme finish with a tiny tiny hint of pearl) I think this was from their brights collection last summer and sadly there isn’t a name on here, but this is lovely and I really like the finish of these in general, well worth checking out!
  • Sinful Colours Island Coral (creme finish) I love these polishes! They are cheap as chips and apply nicely. I wish there were more cream finishes in the line rather than shimmery ones, but very nice indeed!
  • Sinful Colours Soul Mate (creme finish) More of a pinky coral but a bit dusky, I really like this one and again, like the line in general.
  • Max Factor Glossfinity in 70 Cute Coral (creme finish) – This is more of a muted creamy coral, again like Soul Mate by Sinful Colours it has more of a dusky feel but very pretty indeed.
  • Wild About Beauty 06 Flora (creme finish) – I posted about Wild About Beauty here and this shade is definitely the polish that appealed to me most. It’s a truly pretty creamy coral finish that isn’t too red and isn’t too pale to be tippex-y or peachy. Lovely!
  • Nubar Orange Spice (shimmer finish) – This is definitely more of a bronzed fiery coral, and although I really prefer creme finishes I like this shade, especially for a summer pedicure.
  • Models Own Peach Sherbert (creme finish) – I love this but find it hard to wear unless I have a tan! It’s creamy and the pale shade means you need to layer and be careful with the application but when it’s done right it’s lovely!

What are your favourite coral shades? Let me know if you want me to do one particular colour next!

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  • Helena

    All these colours are so beautiful!!!

    Seaside Beauty <3

  • Amy

    Coral is rapidly becoming ‘my colour’ too. It’s just so pretty! Did anyone see that Essie had an intervention to tell herself she must stop wearing only coral haha!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥


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  • Maddy

    Beautiful nail wheel, I love coral colours for summer! xx
    Maddy from

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  • Julie

    Oh love this Gem my coralometer is off the scale xxxxx

  • Sarah Noelle

    LOVELY. I adore coral. In fact, I would go as far to say I am addict-coral-crazy!

  • Holly

    Coral nails are so beyond perfect right now ahhhh!!


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  • Victoria Elisia

    You should try Barry M – coral its beautiful and goes on a dream :)

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  • Cynthy

    Such pretty range of coral colours! I love the looks of Sinful colours – Im such a fan of this brand!

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