FOOD DIARY #1 – 10/06/13


Super excited to do my very first daily food diary! If you haven’t already, check out this post all about why I decided to document my food.

Meal 1

I started my morning with a cup of tea and coconut milk (can’t live without tea!) and then had some Lizi’s Granola. I love this Granola because it’s full of nuts and seeds and has a low glycemic load. I had the treacle pecan kind with some forest fruits and greek yoghurt.


Meal 2

For meal two, my mid morning snack, I had two small apples, sliced, with a coffee that was sweetened with a little bit of honey. I also had some pimiento stuffed olives!


Meal 3

For meal three I had some of my all time favourite soup, courgette. You can find the recipe for that here. I always feel like I should be more adventurous with soup but I adore this so I have a batch in the fridge most weeks. To go with this I had a wholegrain rye cracker with hummus and some grilled cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar.


Meal 4

Meal four should have been a snack but this afternoon didn’t work out quite as I intended (more on that later) so I was really hungry by this point! I had two plain veggie burgers, 1/4 cup of quinoa with a dash of garlic and soy sauce, 1/3 of an avocado, a grilled red pepper and a salad made up of baby leaves and spinach. I added balsamic vinegar and hot sauce because I pretty much add them to everything!


Meal 5

For meal five I had ‘dessert’ which was frozen blended bananas. My favourite thing when I crave ice cream!


Exercise-wise I planned to join the gym this afternoon and do a session. Unfortunately when I got there it was not only £100 more to join than I was quoted over the phone but I was doing a joint membership with Matt and he couldn’t get there in time, so I had to grab the info and go to the supermarket to get some fresh food for dinner. I was a little bummed out because I’d planned on exercising there, but what can you do?

Food-wise I feel like this was hugely helpful! It encouraged me to eat way more than I normally do (but more of the right stuff) and I ate more frequently and kept my blood sugar stable rather than crashing and feeling hungry!

You can find my recipe index here.

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  • April Olivia

    Thank you for inspiring me to kickstart my own summer health trend!

    Love your blog xx

  • Annie

    Looks great! What kind of greek yoghurt do you use? I love the taste but find that reduced fat versions generally taste weirdly chalky, but the full fat ones are maybe a bit too fatty for scoff by the bucket … Looking forward to seeing the next diary entry x

  • rose

    yummy! :)
    Is it Quorn burgers you use? x

  • Gemma

    This is awesome!

  • Cassandra

    The only milk substitute I’ve tried in my tea was soy and it tasted scalded- defo going to try coconut milk instead. The grilled cherry tomatoes/hummus/rye cracker combo looks delish! Also, love your dishes, especially the pink heart shaped one with the olives :)

    Have you heard of Cassey Ho from Blogilates on YouTube? She’s a pilates instructor that posts exercise videos on YouTube which I find quite nice- I’m currently at uni and our athletics centre is free during the fall/winter semester but not the summer so it’s nice to have a free way to work out.

  • Helena

    Your meals look so delicious!

    Seaside Beauty

  • Gemma

    Hi Gemma, I just wanted to say this is a fantastic inspirational post :) I love your blog, it’s so neat, easy to read and full of great content. Thank you xx

  • Nicola Gamble

    It all looks very nice, I’m going to try some of your recipes

  • Christine

    Looks really yummy :)
    I only use soy milk, because in Germany we don’t have a wide selection of non dairy milk choices. We have soy, rice, oat, spelt, almond and haselnut milk, but I couldn’t finde coconut milk yet. Almond milk is really expensive, like 3-4€/L, whereas soy milk only costs about 1-2€/L.

    • gemsmaquillage

      Luckily my favourite almond milk is often reduced to £1 so I grab lots when I see it! :) You can also make almond milk at home :)

    • Jessi

      Es gibt Reis-Kokos-Milch von Provamel in vielen Bioläden :)

  • Katrina

    Wow! How healthy!? What a great day you had!

    And thanks for the courgette soup recipe! I have a number of courgettes I need to get used up!

    • gemsmaquillage

      Thank you! I hope you like the soup!

  • Anja

    What kind of food processor/blender do you use for the bananas?

    • gemsmaquillage

      I’m looking to invest in a great one (hopefully a Vitamix or Blendtec) but at the moment I’m just using one from Argos that cost £14 or so! Does the trick.

  • mariam

    Won’t lie I’ve only recently started visiting your blog but I love this post and hope you continue with it. I really want to start a good balance lifestyle and eating right is a challenge but I’m hoping your posts will help! I like the sound of the frozen blended bananas in replacement for chocolate! Thank you, I’m hoping browsing the rest of your blog will help me kick start a healthier lifestyle!

    • gemsmaquillage

      Thank you! Welcome! I’m really loving the food diary it’s probably the best decision I have made in my fight against PCOS. I hope you find more inspiration in my coming posts :)

  • Jemma Louise

    Do you literally blend bananas and freeze them? Or do you add some other stuff?

  • Sharon

    Very inspiring post. This food is exactly how I aspire to eat, just don’t make it somehow most of the time :-)

    I’ll look forward to reading more in this series.

    Sharon x

  • Beth

    That breakfast looks absolutely delicious, where do you get hold of that particular granola?