As we are nearing the end of the work on our renovation project both Matt & I are so ready to get out of the slump that hours of driving each day, living out of suitcases and eating convenience food has left us in. We have both gained a few pounds and have felt in total limbo for a while but the light at the end of the tunnel is there and we are in a much better place emotionally and physically than we have been for a while and we are feeling optimistic.

When you’re trying to eat better with your other half it’s so important that you’re both on the same page and in the right frame of mind. Matt and I have been there at different times over the course of this summer and have tried to take our time and get it right.

Matts sister is out of hospital now and taking charge of her eating disorder recovery from home which is great to see. Even though we have opposite goals the one thing that unites us in what we are trying to do is health and doing things the right way bit by bit. I know I’ve said it so many times but it’s been such a strange time that everyone’s routines have completely changed and it’s nice to get a little bit back to normal.

We spent the last week in Rome eating amazing food but also doing a lot of walking which I’ve really missed. Since we got back I’ve been documenting our food and have built up a few food diary posts of which this is one, I’m glad to be doing another one of these, for a while now Matt and I have been lost in a bit of a fog but we are slowly getting our lives back as each piece of the puzzle slots back into place and with each one I’m enjoying being in the kitchen more and seeing food as fun and not just a necessarily evil.






Breakfast was a whole grain wrap with a scrambled egg inside with plenty of grilled veggies. The dressing was my one minute garlic dip which you can find in my recipe section and is based around Greek yoghurt which adds plenty of protein along with the eggs. This is one of my favourite breakfasts as it feels so indulgent and filling but sets you up for the day perfectly!

I had a banana smoothie mid morning as a snack. Instead of just eating a banana I took one frozen banana and blended it with a little almond milk and vanilla to make a milkshake. So creamy and delicious!

For lunch I made some red lentils and added some tomatoes and BBQ spices to give it a southwestern smokey flavour that totally transformed the basic dish. I added some veggie “chorizo” for flavour and I made a huge batch of this for quick lunches on cold days.

Later I had a pomegranate which always taste way better when you cut and de-seed them yourself but are so messy! I looked like a murderer by the end of it but it was worth it.

Dinner was a veggie chicken grill – these are from Tesco and are the best by far, I added some spices to it and filled my plate up with loads of roasted sweetbite peppers and onions – my absolute favourites! I added some healthy fats in the form of homemade guacamole.

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  • Ava

    After you cut it, de-seed the pomegranate in a big bowl of water. No mess and the seeds sink to the bottom and most of the flesh will float

  • Allison

    Helpful hint for dealing with pomegranate, fill a big bowl with water and peel off the seeds inside it, the water helps the seed not break so you get more and you don’t have a big of a mess on your hands!

  • Lip Chick
  • Stephanie Lee

    Wow thanks for the egg burrito recipe just finished mine twas amazing!

  • Imogen

    It all looks so yummy Gemma! I love making wraps as they are such a portable and easy option for lunchtimes :)

    Imogen – A Rendezvous with You

  • Abbey

    Mm that banana smoothie looks delicious!