This was a pretty boring snatched food day! I started off the day driving and had two minutes to grab something quick for breakfast to eat in the car. I toasted a slice of rye bread and topped it with manuka honey and some organic peanut butter which I knew would fill me up for a while. It doesn’t look very appetising but it tasted good and did the trick!

I knew I would be spending the next couple of hours still in the car so I ran into Sainsburys to grab some snacks for the road! I was heading over to the house/our renovation project and I knew that it was right near a McDonalds, a bakery and a takeaway so heading to a cold building site on an empty stomach was a recipe for bad decision making!

I got myself some fruit – bananas always keep me going for a while and I got some grapes because I never say no to grapes! I have a complaint to make about supermarkets and it’s how hard they make it to find healthy nuts – all of the ones in the “to go” section or the snacking section are salted or flavoured in some way. To find the plain nuts you have to go to the baking section, even if like these they are in snack portions. Makes no sense! Anyhow I bought a pack of 5 small pre-portioned bags to keep in my handbag and car. Nuts are great emergency snacks in my book and save you from making some awful choices.

I also got some babybel light which are another secret weapon I like to employ if I am starving and can’t wait until I have a healthy choice/kitchen nearby! I had one of these and kept the rest for other days. Having these healthy snacks allowed me to run into McDonald’s for an espresso and a warm cup of tea to keep me warm in the building site without being starving and wanting to eat their greasy food as soon as I got in there! Success.

Lunch was some of the lentils I made the day before. I got home ravenous and they were the healthiest quick meal to hand. Despite the fact that I had them the day before they went down a treat!

For dinner again I needed something easy and quick because I was chained to my computer catching up on the work I missed during my time at the building site and in the car. Here’s where another secret weapon comes in – innocent veg pots! These have no nasties and are pretty much “good” ready meals. They are my go to if I need a microwave lunch because they really are great ingredients wise and contain so many vegetables. I had the moussaka one but because it was too few calories for dinner I paired it with some veggie kosher sausages that I bought that day to try. They were really tasty!







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  • Amy

    I love your food diaries! I’m currently trying to eat healthier and go for healthier choices, when possible and you always inspire me!

    Amy |

  • Mo (ollivandermo)

    I’ve never been much of a “healthy” eater, mostly because I’m not a big fan of fruits, cheeses and other alternative health snacks. (fortunately I do LOVE me some veggies).

    However, I think the thing that keeps me away from extremely unhealthy foods is the fact that I like home-cooking. I like cooking and I like packing my own lunch. I don’t always cook the healthiest meals, but it’s definitely better than grabbing a burger at mcdonalds or something.