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Hello and thank you for checking out my site! Here’s a little bit about me if you’re new here or if you are just a bit nosy (it’s okay, I’m nosy too):

My name is Gemma, and I’ve had some form of blog or online diary since I started messing around with LiveJournal as a teenager. I have been a bit of an internet enthusiast since I got my first taste of dialup AOL, I was instantly hooked by the freedom the internet offered, the fact that I could download pop-punk HMV didn’t stock yet as soon as I heard it on some American film or TV programme and the abundance of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fansites that existed out there whilst most people at my school thought it was sad (except for the head of science – Hi Mr Hedges, if you happen to be reading this!) What I’m trying to say is I’ve lived and breathed internet since it was possible for me to do so, I just love it. I’ve been making videos since 2006 and sharing my life and experiences in some way ever since.

Gemsmaquillage started in 2008 when I was browsing a site I was already addicted to thanks to LG15 and The Vlogbrothers – YouTube. I had started a part time job working on a cosmetics counter whilst I studied, and I stumbled across Laura and then Christine honestly reviewing makeup items they had bought. There was something refreshing about how they warned people not to buy the mascara I’d seen advertised everywhere complete with unrealistic promises and CGI lashes. It must have been a slow afternoon, and I quickly realised I had spent an hour or so clicking on more and more of these videos, until I registered a new username, made a new channel, and decided that the next day I would try my hand at it.

When I first got the username Gemsmaquillage I didn’t put a lot of thought into it. I speak French and chose maquillage over makeup because, well, doesn’t everything sound more fancy in French? People started to watch my videos, I interacted with other people that made them, attended a trade show where I actually met Laura (hi!) in person, and became even more addicted to YouTube than I already was. Fast forward to 2013 and I’ve had some fantastic opportunities, experiences, and met some true friends and even a boyfriend whilst filming and blogging my way through life. I’ve discovered a real love of photography and videography along the way and constantly trying to improve the quality of my content keeps things feeling fresh.

A bit more about me…well I’m 29 and I live in the North West of England with my boyfriend Matt who blogs here and makes music here, although we have both just moved from London where we had a little flat together for a while.  I speak English, Spanish and French and I’ve lived for a little bit in Valencia and Toulouse. I think Valencia is probably where I should have been born and it’s where my mind wanders on rainy days. I love music, writing, Paul Rudd, old musicals, reading, olives, the Olsen twins, Jenny Lewis, Leslie Mann, day trips, picnics, filming, Zooey Deschanel, driving, tea, and taking photos. I have a soft spot for Lindsay Lohan, my favourite film is The Wizard of Oz (love Judy Garland) I’ve been vegetarian since I was eleven, I’m learning to play the ukelele and I hate fresh coriander.

I talk beauty, home and style here, capture my daily life here, and try to be healthy here.