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I am very proud to say that Gemsmaquillage has grown from a place I would simply ramble, to a site with a loyal readership that has been nominated for Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire Blogging awards and been featured by the BBC, Company Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Grazia Daily and in Boots stores nationwide. I have gone from taking my few daunting steps into the world of blogging to running a video/blogging masterclass at the Apple store with Grazia and I know that now more than ever it can be hard for smaller websites, independent retailers and even bloggers to grow their audience. I have special advertising packages and prices for these smaller business to help you gain exposure without having to fight amongst huge retailers with seemingly neverending budgets. You can buy those instantly on this page.

If you are a corporate or business sponsor and you wish to contact me regarding sidebar advertising or an upcoming campaign, please email me at gemma[at]gemsmaquillage[dot]com quoting ‘sponsorship’ as your email subject.

Reviews & Product Features

Material posted on Gemsmaquillage and accompanying YouTube channels covers beauty, fashion, health, fitness, culture, travel and lifestyle.If you are a company and would like me to try your product or service with a view to reviewing it on my blog or channel, you can reach me at gemma[at]gemsmaquillage[dot]com or you can speak to me via my Twitter, YouTube and Facebook accounts. Please note I reserve the right to accept only items I feel fit the tone and feel of my blog and accepting an item does not guarantee a post solely about the item. If it is suitable to share on the blog it may be mentioned alongside other brands or items within a post or video and unless you are working towards a specific timeframe, I reserve the right to post about the item as and when possible. With items like skincare particularly, testing takes place over a much longer period than is required for makeup items and when I receive your sample I may have to wait until finishing testing one range before starting another to give fair and balanced reviews.If you are interested in advertorials or sponsorship, please contact me directly for rates.